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Friends Remember Animals Pet Loss Support

For many of us, losing a beloved pet is one of the most traumatic events in our lives. For some, it is THE most traumatic, with the grief being even worse than losing a human - often because others around us do not understand.

If you have lost, whether through death, parting, or enforced separation, or if you are are facing saying goodbye to a much loved pet, we have created a Facebook group for you.

It is a private group (only members can read posts and comments) and the aim is to provide help and positive support, if you feel that you need it.

FRA Association has teamed with A-PAW Association run by Karen September for this support group.

Karen has studied horse and dog psychology, she has a psychology degree (BA Hons), she has also been a paediatric intensive care nurse, and has a lot of experience in bereavement counselling.

Tana Deen is the President of FRA and has devoted many years to helping animals. 


Claire Phillips has had mental health care training and is also a volunteer on a number of groups, helping others in need.

You are welcome to discuss your feelings on the group, and we hope that other members will offer their support, compassion and advice too, but if you feel you would like a more personal chat over a coffee, please feel free to contact the group admins - Karen September, Tana Deen and Claire Phillips

Join the Friends Remember Animals Facebook Group by clicking here

You can also visit our new page here on our website, where we share memories and photos of the pets who are no longer with us but who we will always remember.

Friends Remembered Forever

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