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FRA - French Riviera Animals 

About Me

FRA - French Riviera Animals Association has been operational since 2014, and in 2018 we were registered as a non profit association with charity status. We represent the International community here on the French Riviera.

FRA French Riviera Animals Association works with all the local refuges in the area, we regularly fundraise for them, and take food bedding and financial help to them, and we also promote the dogs and cats for adoption in the refuges. We work with most of the local French associations, aiding them financially when help is needed.
We also have our own dog and cat adoption scheme and have completed many successful adoptions.




Our Foster Scheme is also very important to us. We have foster families who care for a dog or cat when no home or refuge can be found for the animal. FRA Association pays for all veterinary care and food for the animal during that time until a permanent home can be found. We are always looking for more foster families and would be delighted to discuss more in detail. We care passionately about the welfare of animals, and we will always come forward with financial help for any animal in an emergency situation.

Another important thing that FRA does is to find homes for elderly animals. People are often unwilling to adopt an older animal because of the vet bills. FRA runs a long term foster scheme where we pay vet bills for the rest of the animals life.

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Facebook Page

We run a very active FRA Facebook group French Riviera Animals, in addition to our FRA French Riviera Animals Association page. We are a great community with over 5,000 members. Our members ask for advice and also support on pet related questions, and it is a very friendly community. We would love to see you there too! We also regularly hold fundraising events. We believe in putting the "fun" in fundraising, and our quiz nights, picnics and other events that we hold are always a big success. 


We also have a Facebook Group for those who have suffered the loss of a pet. It's a private group where you will find support and compassion from fellow animals lovers. Click here to join. Please ensure you answer the application questions

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